Dr. Carlos Agostinho Santos Stomatologist


About Us

A good relationship and the understanding between patient and professional is essential.
We focus on the quality of our treatments and on establishing relationships. The whole team makes an effort to ensure the patient's well-being and comfort.
We explain the diagnosis, the cause of the problem and its corresponding treatment in an understandable way..

We provide all the details about possible alternative treatments.
We believe in prophylaxis and encourage the use of oral hygiene measures and techniques in order to avoid the emergence and development of dental, gum and oro-maxillary diseases.
Doubts and explanations are always welcome.
We use modern and sophisticated diagnosis and treatment medical techniques.
The aesthetic results are very important but we never forget that an efficient function is the stable basis for any treatment.

During the postoperative period the Clinic is always available to clear any doubts or provide the patient with explanations.
We use the most effective and updated means of disinfection and sterilisation.

The patient is treated in a personalized way and according to the principles of Medical Ethics.

Oral Hygienist


Sofia Martins

Bachelor's Degree in Oral Hygiene from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Lisbon (1996-98)
Registered at the Portuguese Association of Oral Hygienists with no. 115



Carlos Agostinho Santos

  • Licentiate's Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra (1979-85)
  • Registered at the Portuguese Medical Association with no. 29.620
  • Licentiate's Degree in Dental Medicine from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Lisbon (1990-93)
  • Registered at the Portuguese Dentists Association with no. 4697
  • Specialised in Dentistry by the Santa Maria Hospital (1995-99)
  • Post-graduation in Orthodontics (1996-97)
  • Post-graduation in Implants (2001-02)



Fátima Cosme

  • Implantology Course for Dental Assistants (Lisbon, 2001)
  • Basic Life Support Course, (Faro, 2010)
  • "An Excellent Smile" Workshop, (Faro, 2011)
  • Dental Assistants Course, 31st SPEMD Congress, (Lisbon 2012)

Esmeralda Guerreiro

  • Dental Assistants Course: "Controlling a Crossed Infection", (Lisbon, 2012)
  • Dental Assistants Course, 31st SPEMD Congress, (Lisbon 2012)

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